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Who is Rachel Gilliland?

Rachel and her husband Brad purchased their first home in Aurora in 1996 to settle down and raise a family. She has been serving the community for several years as an elected Municipal Councillor, through volunteerism, and as a small business owner. Prior to her victory in 2018, Rachel served on the local ratepayers association as an executive, attended many Council meetings and discovered firsthand the leadership changes that were needed at the municipal level.

She succeeded in a win up against 28 other contenders. It was a proud, yet humble, moment for Rachel, since all the incumbents were re-elected and Rachel was the only new Council member to take the one vacant spot. Her success and track record earned her a re-election in 2022.

"Common sense leadership is about connecting with people and standing up for what the community needs"

– Rachel Gilliland

Rachel Gilliland Councillor
Aurora, Oak Ridges, Richmond Hill

Why I'm Running To Be Your Conservative Nominee

I’m running to protect our democracy, keep our communities safe and bring back paycheques that provide us with the very basics of food and shelter.

Democracy is slowly slipping away, censorship is on the rise, ethical boundaries are being crossed and even working hard doesn’t pay. This government is just not worth the cost.

So, why me? Well, most of you know who I am as an elected Town Councillor in Aurora, with a proven track record of fiscal responsibility and positive policy changes led by these decisions. Just like you, I am exhausted by our current situation with rising food costs, justinflation,  rising interest rates, crime, mental health, censorship and more.  

For six years I have been working on the ground municipally and connecting with real people through this pandemic, who share the same struggles. I have heard the stories, collaborated with ministers, MP’s, MPP’s and held round table discussions to support the community. Let’s bring common sense back to the people together and fix what is broken.

As a successful Councillor, I understand the policies that affect us on the ground. I want to use this strength and experience to bring back common sense leadership as your next MP Candidate in AORRH. Let’s bring it home!

Federal Areas of Focus

What I Will Fight For

Axe the Tax

I am committed to reducing your financial burdens by cutting unnecessary taxes, helping you keep more of your hard-earned money, and stimulating our economy.

Build More Homes

I advocate for the acceleration of affordable and attainable housing development to address our housing crisis and ensure that every resident has a place to call home.

Stop The Crime

I am focused on enhancing our public safety by collaborating with local law enforcement to implement effective crime prevention strategies, ensuring a safer community for all.

Fix The Budget

With my strong financial background, I aim to streamline government spending, eliminate waste, and optimize fiscal management to restore and maintain our economic stability


People Supporting Rachel

Keep scrolling to see why your fellow Canadians support and see me as a strong candidate to represent them.

“It is with pleasure that I introduce you to Rachel Gilliland. Rachel has put her name forward to become the Federal Candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada, Aurora Oak-Ridges Riding.

Rachel has been serving as Municipal Councillor for Aurora for two terms. She has demonstrated proven commitment and leadership, and her collaborative approach to municipal issues has shown her ability ro represent her constituents as a strong Conservative Member of Parliament.

Rachel takes the time to listen, is reachable and is always willing to work together with you to find a workable solution to any issue at hand.

I am pleased to support Rachel as your next Conservative Member of Parliament for Aurora-Oak Ridges and trust that you will as well.”

Matt Buist

Past President, Conservative Party of Canada, Newmarket-Aurora Riding Association

Executive Vice President, Ontario Conservative Party, Newmarket-Aurora Riding Association

“Successfully elected multiple times locally and a strong principled Conservative that has called Aurora home for many years, I am thrilled to support Rachel for the nomination. If elected, I trust her to do an excellent job as the member of parliament”

Steven Sommerville

H2O Power, Vice President, Regulatory and Stakeholder Relations, Canada

Journalist and Past President of Aurora-Newmarket Conservative Riding Association

“Our restaurant Wicked Eats Kitchen & Bar is centrally located in Ward 2 of the Town of Aurora. Therefore, the continuity of the Ward with strong consistent leadership is paramount considering all the uncertainty of the last few years. It is within this context, that WE endorse the incumbent Councillor Rachel Gilliland to remain in Office and represent our concerns and interests within the trade area.

WE had the pleasure of having Rachel engage with our staff and the community during numerous visits on our Friday evening get togethers. She also dropped by to officially open Wicked Eats on June 27th, 2022 for our 1-year anniversary. Rachel is very active in her Ward and the Town of Aurora supporting local initiatives and business interests.

I had the pleasure of speaking with her at great lengths about her and her family history in the hospitality business and the empathy she shares with the local restaurants during the pandemic. 

It is a comfort to know that there is someone out there that visits the local businesses throughout their elected term listening to their concerns; not just on the weeks that proceed an election!”

Robert Stewart

Owner, Wicked Eats Kitchen & Bar

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